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4 Popular Deck Railing Post Cap Ideas


Part of the process of fitting a deck railing will involve choosing a post cap to go with it. With a variety of options to choose from, you'll want to familiar yourself with the main ones to aid the decision-making process.

1 – Lights
There are a range of lights available on the market that can be used as a post cap, enabling you to forgo separate lights on your deck. You will also find that solar-powered lights are available, which will negate the need for a power supply as they will charge during daylight hours.

2 – Rounded
A rounded post cap will help to soften the look of the deck. This option is often easier to achieve with wood or stone and can be undertaken through an orb or a semi-sphere.

3 – Flat
A flat post cap that follows the same shape as the post is a simple way to finish the look of the deck.

4 – Funnel
Making use of a post cap that is funnel shaped will proved a number of different options. A funnel cap always ends in a point, but its sides may be rounded or flat. You will find funnel caps available in different heights as well.

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